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Our members are more than just members; they are family and friends in our communities. We're more than a group of farmers and producers. We are also leaders and innovators in our community. We collaborate, share and grow, in so many ways, together as the West Georgia Farmers' Cooperative.


By working together, we help to bring awareness, knowledge and empowerment to our community so that we can solve problems. Get to know about a few of our featured members on this page by reading their introductions. Go one step further and join the movement as a member yourself.  

This Old Farm House
A historic farm homestead museum and cultural center.

This Old Farmhouse GA is the state’s only museum owned and operated by three generations of African-American women. The museum unravels the rural experiences of the Black Belt Region’s textile industry, educating modern guests about early to mid 1900 farming practices and homestead skills common to Deep South traditions. website

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Ms Ruth is an avid gardener and member of the West Georgia Farmers' Cooperative. Her garden provides many natural remedies right from her back yard. It includes rosemary, thyme, lemon grass, pineapples, rattlesnake beans, jalapeño peppers, cayenne peppers, figs, stevia, plums and blueberries. To support or purchase some of West's signature items, produce, crafts and artwork shop Ruth West Crafts.

Ruth West Gardner.jpg

I am a baker and a farming enthusiast; like the idea of farming, I understand the importance of local farmers in our community and value the products that can be grown. My role within the West Georgia Farmers' Cooperative is that of a “value added producer”. I take the crops that our farmers grow and products made by other people in the Cooperative and turn them into delicious baked goods, like cupcakes, poundcakes, mini Bundts and other desserts treats. Shop here.

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Marquetta Fuller
Oasis Makers

We are the local source for Columbus and the Valley area to have access to farm to table fresh food choices. We are from the community, bonded to the community, and realize that some food choices are no longer available in the community. Our goal is make our growing product line of chef inspired, culturally relevant, made from scratch, always fresh, grab and go meals available within convenience stores of the many food insecure communities in our area. We believe everyone should have a choice for fresh food. Our love for community is the driving force behind our purpose and vision. website

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Eric Simpson,
New Eden Ecosystem

Eric has been a part of WGFC since 2012, bridging the gap in the community and educating others. Eric Simpson put his hands in the dirt with an intention to grow something more than 12 years ago and grow something, he did. His farming journey started on his farm New Eden Ecosystem as a gardener and now he is one of the leading members of the West Georgia Farmers' Cooperative. Connect with Eric at this website and follow him on Clubhouse to participate in our book club here.

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