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What is a co-op?

Cooperatives are community-owned businesses, created and operated to benefit the people they serve. When you join the co-op, you own a share of the business. You’ll own your grocery store together with neighbors and local farmers!

Do I have to join to shop at the store?

The grocery co-op will be open to everyone to shop. But co-op members will receive in-store deals and benefits, and growing membership will be a critical component of opening the store. Grocery co-ops depend on their member-owners for support during the startup phase and after opening. Join today!

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What kind of food will the store carry?

The grocery co-op will be a reflection of our community’s needs. Of course, in the tradition of our farming community, fresh produce will be a cornerstone of the product mix. The store will provide household staples like milk, butter, bread, and eggs, as well as meats and cheeses, dairy, and everyday packaged groceries (cereals, grains, beans, snacks, drinks, baking products and convenience foods).

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Where will the store be?

The farmer co-op has purchased land in Hamilton to build your store.

More details coming soon!


When will the store open?

The co-op’s leadership is working now to develop plans and a timeline for opening. Subscribe to emails and follow on social media to stay in the loop!

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How can I help?

Community support and growing the co-op’s membership will be crucial as we develop our store together. $20 membership will help to build a store to serve your family, neighbors and friends. Please join and follow along for updates and next steps!

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